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Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+)

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The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+), a program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, promotes physical activity and good nutrition, because it takes both to lead a healthy lifestyle. PALA+ is one way to move towards the recommendations in the latest Physical Activity Guidelines and Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The 8-week program can help you maintain or improve your health, and is a great way to help manage and reach your health goals. It’s easy to complete for anyone ages 6 and up, and you can earn an award in less than two months! Learn more about the program.

Program Transition

SuperTracker will be discontinued on June 30, 2018. You can still sign up for PALA+ on SuperTracker by April 28, 2018 to complete a full six-to-eight week program. The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition will discontinue the online version of PALA+ on June 30, 2018. The PALA+ program will continue to be available for use indefinitely by using the official PALA+ paper log.

Please visit the PALA+ program page on Fitness.gov for more information about the program transition and to start the program using the official PALA+ paper log.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the discontinuation of SuperTracker, please visit https://www.choosemyplate.gov/supertracker-discontinuation-faqs
PALA+ is an 8-week program that promotes physical activity and good nutrition. Log your physical activity and food using Physical Activity Tracker and Food Tracker each week of the program.

  • Weeks 1-5: In the first 5 weeks, log your food and physical activity to begin a routine and reach as many goals as you can. Check your PALA+ dashboard to see how you’re doing.
  • Weeks 6-8: Beginning in week 6, reach your weekly physical activity goal and at least 6 of the 9 weekly healthy eating goals, including at least 1 of the dietary limit goals (sodium, added sugars, and saturated fat), to complete the program and earn your award. If you need more time to reach your goals, you can try again in weeks 7 or 8.
  • *NEW* PALA+ Premium Award! Meet the physical activity and healthy eating goals in weeks 6, 7, and 8 to earn a new PALA+ award for individuals who take an extra step towards establishing healthy habits for a lifetime.

Note: Physical activity and food must be logged during the current week to be counted towards your weekly program goals.

Learn more about the program.

PALA+ can also be completed using a printable paper log.

  • Physical Activity Goal: There are two components to the PALA+ physical activity goal – active minutes and active days. Reach both to achieve the weekly physical activity goal.
    • Active Minutes:

      Adults – Need to complete at least 150 minutes of activity a week.

      Youth (ages 6-17) – Need to complete at least 300 minutes of activity a week.

    • Active Days: Be active at least 5 days a week. Days with 10 or more minutes of activity count as active days.

Note: Older adults, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with chronic medical conditions may choose to complete PALA+ using the official paper log if they are unable to reach the amounts of physical activity required through online participation. For more information on guidelines for these and other populations, please consult the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

  • Healthy Eating Goals: with PALA+, you get the freedom to choose what healthy eating goals you want to work on. To be eligible for the PALA+ award, achieve at least 6 of 9 healthy eating goals, including at least 1 of the dietary limit goals (sodium, added sugars, and saturated fat), by the end of the program. The healthy eating goals include:
    • Vegetables: Log at least 3 vegetables per week
    • Fruit: Log at least 3 whole fruits per week
    • Grains: Log at least 3 whole grain foods per week
    • Dairy: Log at least 3 low-fat or fat-free dairy items per week
    • Protein Foods: Log at least 3 lean protein foods or seafood items per week
    • Water: Log water in place of a sugar-sweetened beverage at least three times per week
    • *Sodium: Keep your average daily sodium intake within your sodium limit
    • *Added Sugars: Keep your average added sugars intake within your added sugars limit in Food Tracker
    • *Saturated Fat: Keep your average daily saturated fat intake within your saturated fat limit

*Based on your average intake per day. You can find your personal limit for sodium, added sugars, and saturated fat in the Daily Limits section on the Food Tracker page.

Note: Vegans, vegetarians, and other individuals with dietary restrictions can still participate in PALA+. See the PALA+ User Guide for more information.

Learn more about the PALA+ goals.

The National Foundation on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition proudly offers award and recognition items for earning the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+). Visit the Foundation website for more information on how you can reward yourself, or recognize your friends, family, or coworkers for their PALA+ achievements!

PALA+ Award Have you earned your PALA+ on SuperTracker? Visit Fitness.gov to download and print your free PALA+ certificate from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

*NEW* PALA+ Premium Award Earn the new, free PALA+ Premium Award by completing the physical activity and healthy eating goal requirements in weeks 6, 7, and 8. The PALA+ Premium Award is achieved upon completion of week 8 if award criteria have been met.